Green roofs and green walls are living, sustainable building technologies. Green roofs conserve energy by insulating the building envelope, reducing the need for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Green roofs filter air particulates, improving air quality and helps to reduce the urban heat island effect (UHI). Our pre-grown, components require almost no maintenance as the plants are fully mature and hardy upon installation.


The personal benefits of green roofs are: lower cooling costs, lower heating costs, noise reduction, visual appeal, satisfaction at being an environmental leader.

The societal benefits are: reduced urban temperatures in the summer, carbon attenuation, reduced stormwater runoff and surges, bird and bee habitat, reduced power consumption, and visual appeal.

Job Done Construction

Job Done Construction Ltd can install an Elevated Landscape Technologies green roof or living green wall for you.

Why ELT? Innovative lightweight pre-planted panels go on like 'sod' and can be retrofitted without enhancements to the structure. ELT and Job Done Construction Ltd can provide a warranty for the entire roof system - membrane and green roof. The panels incorporate many technological advantages including water retention during dry periods, resistance to erosion, capillary water distribution, and can be easily removed in modules to access roof below.

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